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Weekly Farmers & Artisans Market

Camana Bay

Date: 09/12/2018 - 09/12/2018
Starts: 12
Ends: 7 pm

*NEWS - From the 23rd August - 7th November 2018 The Wednesday market will take place undercover along the ground-floor arcade of 1 Nexus Way, Camana Bay’s newest office building, instead of on the Paseo. It will be a produce only market during that period. The Farmers and Artisans Market will return to the Paseo on the 14th November 2018. 

 Real Food, Real Farmers, Real Community!  

The Camana Bay Farmers & Artisans Market is a showcase for all that is grown and made in Cayman.

The shops and restaurants of Camana Bay are joined by as many as 40 growers and purveyors offering fresh produce, speciality foods, gifts, jewellery, skincare products, crafts, teas, flowers, jellies, seasonings and more.

 From 3pm onwards, the Market is infused with entertainment, ranging from live music and artists creating their craft in real time, to cultural demonstrations of thatch weaving, rope making, conch blowing, soldier crab racing and traditional games.