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Contact Numbers Cayman: 945-4088 USA: 813-333-6532 Canada: 514-472-0391 International: +1 (813) 333-6532


Cayman Cabana

Local fresh cuisine for everyone

Supporting Cayman’s local farmers, artisanal producers and fishermen is paramount at Cayman Cabana. We celebrate all things local, using the ultimate in locally sourced fresh...

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Calypso Grill

Blue French doors open out on to the wide deck overlooking Morgan's Harbour. Soft breezes flow in from the Sound. Views of fishing boats lazing back to their docks, with frigates soaring above, are your accompaniments to leisurely lunches and deli...

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Casanova’s By the Sea features a wonderful selection of Italian Cuisine, coupled with some of the tastiest Seafood creations. Walk into Casanova Restaurant and you wonder into an Italian Piazza where the food delights your soul and the atmos...

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Gelato and Co.

We make our gelato with the very best, real ingredients, in their raw and most natural form – everything is made from scratch. “Ready made” ingredients including colourings, flavourings, preservatives and pastes have no place at ...

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