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Farm to Table dining @ Cayman Cabana

Two years ago, while in the checkout line at Kirk’s supermarket, we happened to strike up a conversation with the person in front of us.  Christine was a writer for the Flava magazine on the island.  She mentioned that she and her husband, Luigi were the owners of Cayman Cabana, a local beach bar and restaurant in Georgetown.  Luigi is from the island and is the chef at Cayman Cabana.  She told us that Thursday nights feature a farm to table menu.  So when Thursday night rolled around, we decide to go.

Showing up at the restaurant, we were met by Christine and Luigi.   A quick drink at the bar while we waited for the other guests to arrive gave us an opportunity to meet the chef and a few other early arrivals.  We were seated at a table on the upper deck of the bar with 20 or so place settings.  Then the feast began!  First Luigi welcomed everyone with introductions and a preview of the meal to come cooked with fresh local ingredients.  A quick toast with a fresh fruit press drink and on to the meal.  I cannot recall all the courses and there is no set menu for the week.  It all depends on what Christine and Luigi find at the local market that day.  But there were flatbreads, pastas, fresh fish locally caught by the fisherman right next door at the local “fish market” and a coconut ceviche that never comes off the menu.  They tried to once, but the outcry was too great from their “regulars”.   Now if you never had the opportunity to try coconut ceviche, well, this is the place!  We were seated next to a couple from Arkansas.  It was also their first time at Cayman Cabana.

So fast forward to spring break 2018.  We were on our way to Tukka, but the road construction and traffic was too constricting.  We u-turned and wound up at Cayman Cabana.  On a Thursday night!  Christina was able to find four spots for us at the tables that were set for 150+!  Yes, it was spring break in Cayman.   Same great food, same great service, and same great atmosphere and we just happened to be seated right next to the exact same couple from Arkansas, who just happened to be on the island as well and it was also  their second time at Cayman Cabana.

Once again a lovely evening with an exceptional farm to table banquet!

So if you are on island on a Thursday night, call Cayman Cabana and inquire about the farm to table dinner, but be sure to go hungry!