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Personal Recommendations

Submitted by Alan  Revised 8/06/23

Restaurants:   (not in any order)  There are SO many great places to eat on the island.  The following is just a few of the places we love.

The Brassiere:  A little hard to find as it is not on the beach.  It is located between 2 office buildings in downtown Georgetown.  At this time, tops our list.  On Monday night is the best deal on the island as there is an option for a couples fixed menu for $125 per person includes a bottle of wine.  Even without the “deal” the food is wonderful.  They have their own fishing boat, and on premise herb and fruit garden so everything is fresh!

Calypso Grill:   save room for the sticky toffee pudding.   Calypso used to be our favorite, although it has become a little more pricey and not as exceptional, but still good.

Cassanova in Georgetown:   Italian..  Ask for an outdoor table.  Good Italian fare at reasonable prices.  Overlooks the beach and at low tides, tables are on the beach.

Cayman Cabana:   Beach bar next to Cassanova’s in Georgetown.   Farm to table dinner on Thursdays that is incredible.

Ragazzi:  Italian (near the Ritz) as well as great wood fired pizza

Morgans:   Great food with wonderful outside seating.  And it is very close to the Anchorage in the Cayman Yacht Club.

Bacaro:  Also very close to the Anchorage in the Cayman Yacht Club.  Menu features tapas and a great wine selection.

Sunshine Grill :  good burgers and fish tacos, less pricey and very, very casual  (at the pool of the sunshine suites hotel)

Seven Mile Burger:  Menu is very similar to Sunshine Grill.  Great burgers. Great prices.  In Governors Square, small restaurant, good for take out as well.

Heritage Kitchen:   very local  (nice shack on the beach behind a gas station toward west bay)  best to take home and eat on the beach at your condo.

Going with kids??   Take out pizza from XQ    upstairs bar and restaurant    Also can eat there, but we never have.  There is a nice bar area and usually a band.

Kaibo (East End):  on far side of island.  Great beach bar and marina.  Little farther down the road is starfish point.

Tukka Restaurant & Bar (east end):  On far side of the island (maybe an hour drive).  Just found this place last year.  Nice atmosphere and wonderful food at good prices.  Fun place to go.  Had lion fish ceviche last time.  “a taste of Australia with a Caribbean twist”  Going to try their “Tree Chicken” on the next visit.  Update:  Tried the “Tree Chicken”, not bad…. the appetizer was prepared as fried drumstick, bbq wing, and a spring roll.

Tukka West: (new in 2022)  Tukka on the east side was so popular, but far from 7 Mi, the chef opened a 2nd location in Morgan’s Harbour next to Calypso.   Yay!!

Local fish market (not the name)  There is a tent on the beach in Georgetown.  Local fishermen have fresh fish.  Snapper, Wahoo, Mahi-mahi).  Ask them to filet it.  Costs vary so try not to look like a tourist.  But rest assured, fish is fresh from the sea and only lasts as long as the daily catch.

The Wharf:  I’m going to mention it here only because it is one of the more famous places on the island.  I feel it is rather touristy, but many people do enjoy it and the food can be very good. Tarpon feeding is fun to watch for the kids.

Seafire resort at the Kimpton:  Good food.  Only have been there once though.  Major plus is that it is walking distance to the Anchorage. The Cocolobo bar is a wonderful place for Pina Coladas and Mudslides as well as good food.

Agua in Caymana Bay is also outstanding!  Yet again, a wonderful dining experience outside “sitting on the dock of the bay”.

Ristorante Pappagallo:  a long time favorite is located on the north side of West Bay.  The ossobuco was truly magical as well as the rest of the Italian menu.

Door No. 4:  Tucked inside a new retail named The Grove. Small but very unique dinner menu as well as drink menu. Very trendy bar atmosphere, but the food was exceptional. And maybe try the “pornstar” drink if on the menu!

Unique: In Georgetown across the street from Rackams. Unbelievably great food. The chef was at the Ritz for 10 years, then the Cracked Conch. He is a magician when it comes to cooking.

Dessert?..   Go by Gelato and Co. in Caymana Bay. Has to be one of the best gelato places outside of Italy.

**NEW (for me) in April 2023

Pane & Pasta:  Located in Caymana Bay is another Italian gem.  Homemade pasta, pizza and sauces highlight the menu. I had the Gnocchi which was amazing.  Be sure to talk to Reno (manager and part owner) while there. Great personality and tons of local Cayman

Ms. Piper’s Kitchen + Garden:  Oh my!!  One of our top meals EVER!  Located behind the Hilton Garden Hotel closer to Georgetown. A small garden area with live music when we were there. The large plates were plenty to share between 2 people. The desserts we picked were amazing (pavlova and a banana chocolate). Definitely going back.

Arezzo 345 Food Truck:  Venezuelan Arepa “sandwich” of made of white corn maize. We had the beef and cheese as well as the chicken avocado. Both are wonderful and are easily sharable. The food truck is located across the street from the Cost-U-Less.

Aria: Wonderful Mediterranean cuisine located on the other side of the airport. Owned by the same owners of Agua, the experience is the same superior quality and atmosphere.

Also next door to Aria is a wonderful cafe and bakery, Allora owned by the same group. Incredible coffees, pastries and sandwiches. (A nice stop to pick up snacks for the airport.)

There are so so many more restaurants as well.  Please feel free to email me if you are thinking of somewhere I have not mentioned and I will email back.


Mudslides!!!!   Rackam’s     bar in Georgetown.  Not great food, but we go there for “dessert”  ie..  mudslides   and we go at least once every trip..  sometimes straight from the airport.

Mudslides!!!!    Sunset House   just past Georgetown.

Mudslides!!!  Macabuca near Turtle Farm. Macabuca also has tremendous fish and chips with local Ironshore batter. Friends say the currie food is also exceptional.

Mudslides!!! Good anywhere else on the island as well.

Calico Jack’s:   Sadly, Calico Jack’s is closed! There had been plans for the owner, Handel, to move to Barkers Beach and cater more to the locals and the cruise ship drop off crowd, but I believe that is on hold for the time being.

Legends Sports bar:  As the name suggests, plenty of tvs with sports.  Although you might have trouble getting football on tv because of all the real football on tv.

Other drinks:   Jacques Scott Liquor store close to the airport.   Amazing selection of wine and hard liquors as well.   Also new for 2022 is a local brewery , the 19-81 Brewery (longitude and latitude of Cayman). Their line up includes a Blonde, an IPA, and a Sessions.  All are very good. There is also a great line up of Seltzers, Pineapple from the 19-81 Brewery.

Wine Bar:  In Caymana Bay.  If you like wine of course…  They have about 30 different wine dispensers.. You give them your credit card, the give you a card to use.   You swipe it for a taste, a small glass, or a full glass of whichever wine, then go sit outside and enjoy.

Diving:   We go with Nat from InDepth Watersports–  :   If not a diver but wanted to try he does a great job of discover scuba dive course…    15 min shore lecture, quick skills test and then a 40 ft dive.

This past trip our group went out with Brad of Cayman University Divers. Unfortunately I did not dive this one, but Brad has an underwater communication system to talk about what you are seeing…. Very cool.  Our group said the night dive was an incredible experience.

Snorkeling:  I don’t do much snorkeling since I am a diver, but great snorkeling off Sunset House and many other places near there..   Great snorkeling off Turtle reef.    Macabuca, the bar attached is a nice place to have a beer or even a quick bite to eat.  I’ve heard good things about the all you can eat bbq night, but hey, I’m from Texas and a bbq snob!   Cemetery reef down from the Anchorage is also one of the best snorkeling sites.

Other things;    Stingray City, but try to go on a day when there are no cruise ships in town.   1) much more enjoyable 2) the stingrays are hungrier)   We have rented a boat the last couple of times.  Last time the girls boyfriends are big fishermen, so we went fishing, then to stingray city and rum point (Kaibo).    Rum point was really not worth it, except to stop off for lunch on a different part of the island.

Kaibo and just down the road is Starfish point.  (only time we had been to starfish point the weather had moved in and the starfish buried themselves in the sand, so only saw 2 starfish..  Supposedly there are many many more.

Shopping:  not much…  a place called Pure Art for local things (art, jewelry,)  My least favorite place to go, but Lynne’s favorite.  Takes me, a guy, about 90 sec to go through.  Women about 45 min.  Guys, bring a book and sit on the swing out front, or go to Sunset house for a quick drink.  Pure Art is located well on the other side of Georgetown. Best place for t-shirts is Treasure Teez. Located in the center with Chicken, Chicken. Great shirts including spf shirts and sweatshirts.

Anything else???    Oh yes,   Almost all grocery stores and Liquor stores are closed on Sunday!!!  As of April 2022, a smaller grocery store in the new Grove is now open on Sundays with more than just the essentials.  But still a more limited selection than Fosters or Kirks, so if you are arriving on Saturday, be sure to stock up before running to the beach.   The currency is tied to the dollar so the rate never changes.  You can pay U.S. currency at any place any time.  It is .80 cents for the local currency.

More Stuff:    There is a grocery store to the left as you exit the condo just past cemetery reef.   And just opened in Dec 2016 is a Jacques Scott liqueur and wine store in the same location.  There is also a “cost-u-less” store on seven mile beach.  You can see it from the “highway” on the left coming from the airport to the condo.   It is off one of the roundabouts…   It has food but also has things like floats etc.  We usually buy some fruit there as well as there is a rotisserie chicken like at Costco….  Not bad for quick lunch food….