Contact Numbers Cayman: 945-4088 USA: 813-333-6532 Canada: 514-472-0391 International: +1 (813) 333-6532

Travel to Cayman 2022

Disclaimer: The rules change often, so this is not an official guide!  Updated July 1, 2022

November ’21 saw the opening of the borders after almost 2 years of very strict travel restrictions. The borders are now open to most travelers per guidelines found at COVID-19 Guidance: Travelling to the Cayman Islands (  It’s not an easy read, but be sure to do your homework and your travel will be easy.  (If travelling with young children, look closely at the regulations.)

Phase 5 is now in effect and travelling to Cayman is not difficult as airline routes are beginning to open. Cruise ships are also returning to the island, but restrictions for cruise ships differ than air travel.

The first part of the process is uploading your vaccination documents and other information in the Travel Cayman portal and receiving an authorization to travel. (  The authorization, once received is good for travel for 3 months and comes in the form of an email with a qr code. As of today, (July 1, 2022) no pre-arrival covid test is required!

Bottom line, vaccinated travelers will find Cayman open for business. The U.S. is not requiring exit pcr tests as well.

Once on the island, you will find quiet wonderful and open beaches. Immigration into Cayman has also become easier with the addition of self serve kiosks.  The kiosks can be used by U.S citizens staying no longer than 30 days on island. This greatly reduced the lines at immigration.

Again, do your own research as the regulations can change at any time. But once on the island you will enjoy all the wonderful aspects of Grand Cayman!  Most restaurants were open, and while the downtown shopping was shut down, Caymana Bay and other shops were open for business daily.

So upload those vax cards and enjoy a wonderful peaceful Cayman.

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